Wart Remover, Plantar Wart Removal, Corn Callus Remover, Wart Removal with Natural Ingredients, Stops Wart Regrowth


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*** Features:
- NATURAL, PAINLESS and SAFE - Formulated with premium essential oils and highly potent ingredients that safely and painlessly remove warts, our wart remover is the natural choice for treating warts for the whole family.
- QUICK & PROVEN RESULTS - Our professional quality wart remover fully eliminates most warts within 2 weeks of regular application.
- INDICATIONS: This cream is used to treat warts and verrucas, including flat warts and plantar wart(verruca plantaris). Reduce friction and pressure on painful callus, corn, warts and immediate pain relief.
- NOTES: For external use only. Keep it out of reach of children. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use this treatment.
BONUS COTTON SWABS: Comes with bonus cotton swabs already so you can immediately use it once it is delivered!

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