Amberen Multi-Symptom Menopause Relief, 90 Capsules

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*** Features:
- Relieves up to 12 Menopause Symptoms
- Helps Restore Hormonal Balance
- Clinically Tested, Safe & Effective
- 100% Estrogen, Drug, Caffeine, Gluten & Soy Free

*** Description:
- Helps Restore Hormonal Balance
+ Unlike herbs and soy, Amberen works with the root cause of menopause.
- Clinically Tested, No Side Effects
+ No adverse side effects† were registered during multiple clinical trials.
- 100% Estrogen-Free Unique Formula
+ Amberen is free of drugs, estrogen, herbs, soy, gluten and caffeine
- Amberen is a proprietary blend of succinates (US patented), amino acids, minerals and vitamin E. Its main ingredients have been studied for over 45 years.

*** Clinically Shown Results
- Amberen is clinically shown to help relieve up to 12 menopause symptoms. Improvements can be felt within the first 30 days, with best results occurring after the clinically recommended 90 days of use.**
- Women Reported Relief After 90 Days:
+ 91% had hot flashes relief*
+ 78% had night sweats relief*
+ 87% had better sleep*
+ 85% had less irritability*
+ 77% had more energy*

*** Mary Lou Retton's Message to You
- As an athlete, I've always cared about what I put in my body. That's why I want to share my menopause story with you. When menopause came into my life, I was miserable. I had night sweats. My mood swings were terrible. My four daughters saw an ugly side of me. I had no energy and I was always known for my energy. But then I discovered Amberen.
Amberen didn't just relieve one or two symptoms. It helped with all my symptoms. Now, I can get through a normal day without a hot flash and my sheets aren't soaked every night. Best of all, I no longer feel tired all the time. I feel like myself again. I hope Amberen works as well for you as it did for me.‡

*** Directions: Take 1 orange and 1 white capsule daily after breakfast.

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