Kirkland Signature Quick Dissolve B-12 5000 mcg., 300 Tablets

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- Methylcobalamin Form of B-12
- Helps Facilitate Energy Production
- Supports a Healthy Nervous System
- Fast Acting, Great Cherry Flavor
- USP Verified

***Product Details:
- Kirkland Signature Quick Dissolve, Cherry Flavor B12 5000 mcg is an advanced formula that contains methylcobalamin—an active form of B12. Unlike some other forms of B12, this active form does not need to be converted in the body before being able to work.†
- Kirkland Signature Quick Dissolve, Cherry Flavor B12 5000 mcg is great tasting and you’ll look forward to taking it every day as it:
• May help facilitate energy production†
• May support a healthy nervous system†
• May support healthy brain function†

***Why take Vitamin B12?
- Today’s active lifestyles demand lots of energy. Keeping up with a full daily schedule, plus having some energy left over for the things that we love to do, requires essential vitamins like Vitamin B12.†
- Maintaining sufficient levels of Vitamin B12 is vital to our good health so that key enzymatic processes in the body function properly to support the nervous system and brain function.† It helps to keep us on the go.
- Also, a deficient diet, changes in our digestive tract as we age, and certain medications are three of the typical factors that could interfere with the absorption of Vitamin B12. That’s why speaking with your physician or pharmacist to determine what is best for you is always important.

***What are Alternative Food Sources of Vitamin B12?
- If you are trying to increase your Vitamin B12 consumption from foods, look to animal sources. It is important to note, especially if you are a vegetarian, that plant products typically don’t contain Vitamin B12, unless it is an added ingredient.
- Here is a select list of foods sources of Vitamin B12:
• Clams & liver are great sources and rich in Vitamin B12
• Breakfast cereals fortified with Vitamin B12 (be sure to read the label)
• Fish: Herring, mackerel, sockeye salmon, sardines, tuna, trout, others
• Meat: Turkey, beef, chicken, ham (cured)
• Milk, yogurt, cheese, and eggs

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