Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops | Berry Flavor | Safe For Newborns | 1 FL OZ


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- Gently works in minutes to relieve pain from excess gas
- Pediatrician recommended; safe for newborns
- Safe for use at every feeding or up to 12 DOSES a day
- No artificial flavors or dyes, No alcohol, parabens, or saccharin
- Natural Berry Flavor; 1 fl oz

***Baby Suffering from Gas?
- Babies can become gassy in many ways. Gas is usually caused when babies swallow air while crying or feeding. Other reasons for gas can be incorrect feeding positions, overfeeding, too much lactose, or food intolerance. Until your baby’s digestive system is fully developed, gas is likely to occur.
- Some signs that your baby may be having difficulty passing gas include: grunting, crying, pulling her legs to her tummy or stretching and arching her back. You can also feel her tummy and determine if it seems bloated or hard.

***What's Inside?
- Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops
- Simethicone works by changing the surface tension of gas bubbles in the stomach, causing them to combine into larger bubbles that can be passed more easily. Simethicone has been recognized by the FDA as a safe and effective treatment for gas since 1973. It is safe for newborns and when taken as directed, it has no known side effects.

***How to Administer Gas Relief Drops
- Orally: Directly dispense gas relief dose from syringe to inner cheek.
- Formula/Milk: Gas relief dose can be mixed with 1 oz formula or milk.
- Water/Other Suitable Liquids: Gas relief dose can be mixed with 1 oz of cool water or other suitable liquids.

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