HALLS Relief Variety Pack, Cherry and Mentho-Lyptus Cough Drops, 2 Value Packs of 200 Drops (400 Drops Total)


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*** Features:
- This package contains 2 value packs of HALLS Relief Cough Drops: 1 pack of Cherry flavor (200 drops) and 1 pack of Mentho-Lyptus flavor (200 drops).
- Relieve coughs, soothe sore throats, and cool nasal passages with cherry and Mentho-Lyptus flavored cough drops from HALLS, the trusted cough and throat lozenge creators.
- Get quick relief on the go with these convenient resealable packs. Toss ‘em in bags or purses or keep one in your office drawer, school desk, or car to alleviate irritation anytime, anywhere.
- Made with menthol, these drops bring temporary relief to sore throats and coughs.
- Each drop has 5.8 – 7.6 mg of menthol.

*** Product Description:
- This Calls for HALLS Whether you’re at home, school, the office, or out and about, HALLS Cough Drops go anywhere. Relief is just a purse, pocket, or medicine cabinet away with these convenient grab-and-go packs. Made to Soothe Take comfort in the soothing taste of HALLS Relief Cough Drops. Made with refreshing menthol, these drops deliver quick relief to sore throats, minor coughs, and congested nasal passages. Plus, they have a delicious flavor that makes fighting colds and minor throat irritations that much more bearable. Add this cough drop variety pack of HALLS Relief Cherry & Mentho-Lyptus Flavor Cough Drops to your cart for fast and convenient cough and throat relief.

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