Colgate, Kids Battery Powered Toothbrush Minions Extra Soft Bristles, 1 Count, Color May Vary


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*** Features:
- Making brushing teeth fun with Minions
- Kids battery powered toothbrush helps kids brush better
- Small Vibrating head with extra soft bristles: Cleans teeth by gently sweeping away plaque
- Slim, easy to hold handle for kids
- Easy On/Off buttons
- Lays flat for easy toothpaste application
- Includes batteries

*** Product Description:
- Great clean made fun. Your little one will look forward to brushing more often with the Colgate Kids Battery Powered Toothbrushes. The item is sure to make cleaning those pearly whites more fun. Its unique design features a small, vibrating head with extra-soft bristles and a slim handle that's easy for small hands to hold. This kids battery powered toothbrush lies flat to allow children to easily apply toothpaste. The item is available in different designs to encourage kids to take care of their teeth.

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