Beurer 3-in-1 Forehead Non-Contact, Body, Surface, Room Temperature, High Accuracy, Large Blue Backlit LCD Display Thermometer, 60 Memory Spaces, FT90 White, 32 Count (Pack of 1)

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*** Features:
- ABOUT THE PRODUCT: The FT90 Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer is reliable and accurate and provides a hygienic and comfortable method of taking temperature, without needing to wake up your child.
- FOREHEAD TEMPERATURE: The FT90 provides a quick & accurate reading without having to place the measuring element in the mouth of ear. It is extremely easy (especially for parents) and comfortable.
- OBJECT TEMPERATURE: The versatile thermometer can measure the temperature of an object, i.e. a baby's milk bottle.
- ROOM TEMPERATURE: The FT90 can even measure the temperature of a room, ensuring maximum comfort.
- FEVER ALARM: With an integrated a fever alarm. The fever alarm rings when a measurement is equal to or greater than 100.4 degrees and has an easy interpretation using smile or frown icons..60 MEMORY SPACES: A maximum of 60 previous measurements are available to you to help monitor the changes to your temperature- with an XL backlit LCD display, so you can read measurements in the dark..WE'RE HERE FOR YOU: Our friendly Florida based team is happy to assist you with whatever questions and support you may need. That's right, our customer service is located right here in the USA!

***Product description:
Size:Thermometer - Non-contact
No touch, no hassle.

The Beurer FT90 Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer is a great addition to any household. The thermometer can be used both for adults and children. Getting a young child or baby to cooperate with a classic-style thermometer can be a struggle. That is why the FT90 was designed with both parents & children in mind. Hygienic and safe, the thermometer provides a quick & accurate reading without having to place the measuring element in the mouth or ear of your child.

What does this mean?
If your child is sick, you don't have to wake them up each and every time you decide to take a measurement - making it more convenient than ever to monitor your child's fever.

The Beurer FT90 can also be used to measure an object or room temperature. Perhaps you want to know the temperature of your baby's bottle before feeding - our FT90 can do that for you. Other great features include the XL illuminated LCD backlight - which means that measurement readings can be seen in the dark - so if you are measuring at night or in a dark room - you can still see the temperature reading.

The FT90 has 60 memory spaces, so you can access as well as monitor past readings & measurements over time. This makes it convenient to share with your physician or child's pediatrician. The display shows either a smile or frown symbol/icon according to the result of the measurement. The smiley face symbol indicates that the body temperature measured is below 100.4°F. The sad face symbol indicates that the body temperature is equal to or higher than 100.4°F. If the acoustic signal is switched on, three beeps will sound once the measurement is complete if the temperature is equal to or higher than 100.4 °F.

Forehead Temperature
Object Temperature
Room Temperature
Fever Alarm with Smiley Icons
60 Memory Spaces
XL Blue Illuminated Display
Storage Case Included
Batteries Included

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