Basp Intensive Treatment Stretch Mark Butter


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*** Product Information:
Clinically proven ingredients that help prevent and repair stretch marks
Peptides and extracts boost collagen renewal for stronger skin that can stretch and rebound
Celebrity favorite and editor pick in Fit Pregnancy and Parents Expecting when you want to care for your stretching tummy
Rich blend of shea and jojoba butters plus omega rich oils that nourish skin and stop itching
FREE of Parabens and Phthalate and Clinically Tested for ZERO Skin Allergy

*** From the manufacturer:
- Prevent and Repair Stretch Marks Now:
+ Basq NYC Intensive Treatment Stretch Mark Butter is your best defense to fight stretch marks and damage. Award Winning, Editor's Pick and Celebrity Favorite for over a decade.
- Strong Skin is Your Best Stretch Mark Defense
+ To prevent and repair stretch marks, you need to strengthen skin by building collagen. As skin stretches collagen fibers can break and show up later as stretch marks. Darutoside is a powerful plant blend that builds collagen for strong skin.
- Don't Ignore Dry, Itchy Skin
+ Stretched skin can feel dry, itchy and irritated. Don't ignore the itching! It's your skin's sign that damage is happening. Intensive Treatment Stretch Mark Butter is rich in Biopeptides and Algisium C. This powerful duo helps soothe itchy skin and stop damage before stretch marks form.
- Shea Butter is the Better Butter for Stretch Marks
+ Shea is the better butter for stretch mark care. Fast absorbing and packed with skin nourishing essential fatty acids and Vitamins E, D & A. Shea is pure skin nutrition, ideal for building skin strength to prevent stretch marks.
- Safe for Pregnancy and Nursing
+ Clinically Tested for Zero Allergy & Sensitivity
+ Toxicologist Approved for Mom & Baby.
- Shea Butter vs Cocoa Butter
+ Cocoa Butter is a heavy, waxy butter that coats the skin. It sits on top instead of absorbing down deep where damage occurs. Shea is a nutrient rich, fast absorbing butter - better for stretch mark prevention and repair.

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