Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Nasal Mist, 13.5 Ounces


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*** Features:
- Safe for everyday use
- Drug Free
- Preservative Free
- 3 Bottles, 4.5 Ounces Each

*** Description:
- The best way to clear congestion? Flush it out with ARM & HAMMER™ Simply Saline™ Nasal Mist. Simply Saline nasal mists are an integral part of your daily routine to help moisturize dry nasal passages and to instantly clear nasal congestion so you can breathe easy.
- Drug-free and Preservative-free
- Clears nasal congestion
- Moisturizes dry nasal passages
- Safe to use every day, as often as needed; Non-habit forming
- Use alone or with oral cold or allergy medicine
- Non-habit forming

- Before first use, expel a short stream of mist into the air.
- Insert tip of nozzle into one nostril and press down on the textured area at the base of the nozzle so that a gentle mist coats nasal passages.
- Blow your nose very gently to clear the mucus out.
- Repeat for the other nostril.
+++ To flush & irrigate, tilt the head to the side over the sink. Insert tip of nozzle into the top nostril, depressing on textured area at base of the nozzle so that a gentle mist fills sinus passages and flows out the opposite nostril. Repeat in other nostril.

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